Making The Switch But Asking Mom First? Here’s How

Slowly, girls are starting to realize why they should be switching to menstrual cups, and there are a lot of reasons why it should be the new normal when it comes to women and their periods. Unfortunately, some of you might be hesitant to make the switch because your mom might not allow you or has already told you no.

There might be a number of reasons why your mom is unsure of you making the switch.


The first thing you may notice when you see a menstrual cup is how different it looks to pads. The first thing that will pop up in your head may be “how the hell am I going to put this in?” We’re sure your mom will look at it and think the same thing. They might also be thinking that this is hazardous and unhealthy.

But with the right information and reasons, you might be able to convince your mom otherwise. Let us give you 3 things you can tell your mom about menstrual cups: 

Explain How It Works

We’re sure you’ve done your research on how to use menstrual cups already and that is why you want to make the switch. Now is the best time to tell your mom what you learned.

Explain to her how there are different sizes that will fit different age groups, so she doesn’t have to worry about it not being right for a teenager. You can even suggest that you get a cup that is made with a softer silicone material just like the one from Bulan Cup.

Next, show her the different folds you can use to insert it, as well as how you will sterilize and clean it. This way, they won't be worried about Toxic Shock Syndrome - a common life-threatening issue that happens usually to women who wear tampons. 

There are tons of instructional videos and vlogs that you two could watch together as well.

Talk About Its Sustainability

 Menstrual cups are 100% zero waste. 

 You can tell her that sanitary pads take 500-800 years to decompose and let her know how many pads you use per period cycle. If she doesn’t believe you, you can show her 2-3 articles that support this claim - like this one.

Tell Her How Much Money You Can Save

Menstrual cups are 100% reusable. All you need to do is sanitize it every after use and store it properly.

Repeat to your mom the number of pads you use per period cycle and how much it usually costs you. Tell her with one cost of a menstrual cup, you can save so much.  


Giving your mom concrete information about the use of menstrual cups can really help you. Tell her these things and show her your research and hopefully you’ll be getting a menstrual cup in no time!

If your mom still does not approve, don't be frustrated. Your quest to having a no-waste period can start with reusable cloth pads or period underwear. Until your mom has warmed up to the idea of letting you try your first-ever cup, never get tired of educating her about its benefits.