Bulan Cup 101: Vacation Time!

It’s safe to say that your period isn’t just fond of the city. Aunt Flo will definitely come with you on vacation to your favorite beach (Mati? Siargao? Coron? La Union? Baler? Boracay?), a mountain hike, or a bike trip with your friends.

This is where your Bulan comes into the picture. Not only does this period bestie save the planet, it also saves you from the hassle of disposing of icky pads or tampons in unfamiliar bathrooms.

We’ve rounded up some tips on how to handle Aunt Flo with your Bulan Cup (with or without a bathroom!)

Plan Ahead

First, we recommend you to set up your packing list. Choose what you need based on what you think will be available on your trip (or lack thereof). This will allow you to get all your bases covered. Bring the following items:

Your bulan cup

  • 1 plastic bag or reusable plastic bag
  • Water wipes to clean yourself
  • Squeeze bottle (optional)
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean your Bulan Cup
  • Hand sanitizer (optional, you can use your wipes)

Going Camping?

Camping on your period is possible. If you’re glamping, lucky you! There’s probably a portable toilet where you can enjoy privacy while emptying out your cup.

If you feel Aunt Flo already on its way, don’t get worried. Simply sanitize your hands well and insert your cup. If you’re already days in the middle of your flow, enjoy a seamless cup change by following these steps:

First option.

Grab your alcohol wipe and water wipes. Using clean hands (this is so important!!), remove the cup and empty its content. Then, wipe the cup using the alcohol wipe and clean your vagina using a water wipe. Put this trash in a plastic bag, then you’re ready to reinsert your cup.

Second option.

If you don’t want to leave waste behind, fill your squeeze bottle with clean water (filtered is recommended). Remove your cup, dump the blood, and clean the cup using your squeeze bottle. You can also use this to clean yourself before you reinsert your cup.

Going somewhere with no bathroom? Don’t be afraid!

If you can’t access a clean bathroom, it can be an added layer of challenge. However, you can still change your cup, although you need to bury waste properly.

First, dig a hole (away from a water source), and wash your hands thoroughly. Next, squat and remove your cup. Empty the content into the hole. If you need to conserve water, wipe the cup and your vagina with your wipe. However, we recommend using a squeeze bottle to clean it properly. Before you reinsert the cup, clean your hands. Don’t forget to cover the hole.


Surfing or wakeboarding

If you’re going on a beach trip, we recommend emptying out your cup before heading to the beach. This way, you can swim, surf, lounge, and do whatever you want worry-free for the next 12 hours!

If you need to empty out your cup, find a clean toilet with a bidet so you can use it to clean the cup and yourself. If you can’t find a bidet, use the wipe or squeeze bottle method. Then, you can change into your favorite bikini again (even if it’s white!) without worrying about that icky diaper feeling you get from pads, or seawater getting absorbed by your tampons. Keep in mind that the cup will act as a barrier between your period blood and the water so it’s definitely safer.


There you have it – your Bulan Cup vacation guide. Soon enough, you won’t even mind having your period on your vacation.