Bulan Cup Size Guide

A note: Bulan cups don’t come with the usual size labels because we don’t want you to dwell on wondering whether you have a “small” or “large” vagina. Instead, our cups are age-appropriate to honor the natural progression of womanhood. Your body changes as you age. That is a simple and beautiful truth that we celebrate.

One of the most common we get asked is “what size is perfect for me?” There are actually no hard rules when it comes to the size that fits you best. It’s sort of like guessing your shoe size without measuring your feet! You never really know your size until you try it.

The Bulan Cup comes in three sizes. We’ve based our guide on average customer feedback.


Your age, body type, and fitness are the ultimate factors that will dictate your size.

Choosing a size based on your flow is not recommended. For example, a teenager with a heavy flow would be more comfortable wearing a size 1 rather than a size 3 since there may not be enough room for bigger cups to unfold. Therefore, it may leak. 


Size 1 can hold 18ml (up to the airholes)

Size 2 can hold 25ml (up to the airholes)

Size 3 can hold 35ml (up to the airholes)